Afghan Hound Breeders in Texas

Inclusion on this list is for information purposes only and does not imply endorsement.
Before purchasing an Afghan Hound, please read the following article - "How to Choose a Breeder" by Stephanie Hunt-Crowley

Bakura Afghans *
Toni King
Austin, Tx

Gabriel Afghans *
Neil & Brenda Brody
The Woodlands, Tx

Kia Afghans
Angel Gonzalez
Itasca, Tx

Komar Afghans
John & Marion Roby
Liberty Hill, Tx

Mahadi Afghans
Helga Jeffs
Austin, Tx
Suni Afghans *
James & Lynda Hicks
Florence, Tx

* Donates an AKC Breeder of Merit

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